Best Writing Tip: This Is Material

writer writing on laptop

By Ross Ian Fleming 1994 It’s 11.30 a.m.. Early April 1994. Probably a Monday. Our country is on the cusp of a ground-shaking change. But I have other fish to fry. I am standing on top of the tallest block of flats in Pinelands. The 14th story. I have a bird’s eye view of Cape […]

Best Writing Tip: Trust Yourself

loving yourself as a writer

BY EVA BELL Writing was always my first love. One thing I wanted above all else was to be a writer. But my father had other plans for me. ‘You must have a proper profession,’ he said. ‘Writers are always paupers. I don’t expect my daughter to pass around the hat for her sustenance.’ And […]

The Wise Take Criticism and Turn It to Their Advantage

mother daughter criticism of writing

BY LISA CORTEZ ‘I’m bored already,’ my mother said, removing her reading glasses and throwing my manuscript down on the coffee table. She’d come to my flat for dinner, and when I told her I’d finished the novel I’d been writing for over a year, she asked to read it. So I handed her my […]