The Self-Guided
14-Day Story-Building Intensive

Write a short story like a pro -
in just two weeks!

Gain the skills and the method
to write short stories with ease.

If you struggle to write a good story, we take you on a step-by-step writing journey – from idea to completed, polished short story!

On the Self-Guided Story-Building Intensive, you’ll write 14 sections of a short story in 14 days in your own time and at your own pace!

A certificate of completion is available for writers who complete a polished short story in 14 days.

The Story-Building Intensive Gives You...

14 Exciting Daily Writing Challenges

We provide thought-provoking challenges that will push you to develop your craft and explore your style of writing.

A Flexible Schedule

Write wherever and whenever you want. You can easily fit the Story-Building Intensive around work and other commitments.

50 Pages of Potent, Expert Content

Easy-to-digest course notes that capture a lifetime of writing experience, ready for you to apply to your own writing. The course presents topics covering creative writing basics.

Access to Short Stories Written by the Masters

Learn from the master storytellers. We encourage you to read up to 14 short stories during the challenge.

Master the Steps of Storytelling and Create a Complete Short Story

Take your short story writing to the next level

Our 14-Day Story-building Intensive will demystify the story-writing process, giving you tools and tricks that you can use for all stories that you write. 

Keep up your daily writing habit with a new writing challenge that arrives in your Inbox every day for 14 days. Each challenge comes with a new tool or step that you need to master to progress in your story.

This course is for beginner to intermediate writers.

Reviews from Past Students

‘Excellent course. It was a valuable learning experience and left me wanting to do more and write more.’ – Mark Chivers

‘Enthralling. "200-300 words every day" sounds doable, and it is. But the choosing and placing of those words into an order never seen before: that's the beauty and agony of telling a story for the first time.’ – Clive Ritchie

‘I would describe myself as a writing toddler and The Writers College as a sensitive and insightful nanny who made me discover that I can climb stairs - the experience was exhilarating.’ – Claudia Bolz

‘The course exceeded my expectations and provided the structure and motivation to keep writing. Fun, challenging, full of energy. Thank you for the journey.’ – Judy Port

‘I feel like my Muse had a makeover: fresh, happier and definitely wiser.’ – Princy Kiran

The Curriculum

Topic 1

3 Secrets to Creating Believable Characters

  • Consider 3 decisions you need to make for each character
  • Complete 5 tasks

Topic 2

Creating a Setting

  • Learn about 4 important aspects of setting
  • Complete 3 tasks

Topic 3

Inventing Plot

  • Discover the 4 elements of plot
  • Complete 4 tasks

Topic 4

7 Steps to Building a Story 

  • Explore the 7 steps to building a story
  • Complete 4 tasks

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14-Day Story-building Challenge

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NZ$ 89/ £ 45/ ZAR 895.00

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Feedback from Past Students

‘It motivated me to write every day which I don’t do on my own. I enjoyed reading other peoples’ contributions. The short story material was excellent. Overall a great experience and I am sad that it is over.’ - Alice Shaw

‘It was very helpful and inspiring. So much information to read that I will now go back into and digest.’ - Vanessa Narbey

‘A combination of punctual and precise guidance by professional tutors together with the warm daily support of group members at your same level.’ – Ravi Gehani

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the short daily writing tasks. It was stimulating and got my creative juices flowing. It was exciting to wake up every morning to an email with the day’s challenge and thought the notes were excellent and enhanced the way I now write.’ – Catherine Jarvis

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