Report Writing and Presentation Course

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Report Writing and Presentation Course

Take Your Business Report Writing Skills to New Heights

Learn how to write and present compelling,
professional business reports

The Report Writing and Presentation Course teaches you how to structure, write and verbally present a professional report. You will learn what to leave out and what to include in order to engage your readers and audience members.

This course is essential for technical specialists or managers whose career growth depends on being effective and persuasive as a business report writer.

This is an intensive course aimed at developing your career as a manager or subject matter specialist. Your employer will also benefit from your professional development.

The Report Writing and Presentation Course
Gives You...

Expert, Individual Feedback

Get prompt, honest, detailed feedback on every assignment from a professional writer. We focus on your unique writing strengths.

No Peer Reviews!

You will only be assessed by your tutor, an expert in their field. No more guessing and wondering how to write; you'll be guided line by line.

No Automated Marking

We use traditional methods of assessing work, as editors at publishing houses would. No generic feedback!

A Flexible Schedule

Work wherever and whenever you want to. You can easily fit our courses around work and other commitments.

Relevant, Usable Content

Easy-to-digest course notes that capture a lifetime of writing experience, ready for you to apply to your own writing.

Ongoing Assessment

Your writing is assessed continuously as your course progresses.

Discover How to Write Reports With Ease

Impress your team with your clear and persuasive reports

This online writing course consists of five modules. Each module has a practical component.

At the end of the course, a verbal presentation must be made. This has to be done in a work environment and be peer and/or line manager evaluated.

You will plan and create a persuasive presentation and learn how to respond appropriately and effectively to critical questions. In addition, you will learn how to self-evaluate and take evaluative comments from line managers and colleagues on board in order to continuously improve your skills.

On this course, you will:

  • create a strategy based on proven theories and techniques
  • plan, organise and write an effective report in good business English
  • edit your work effectively
  • deliver a convincing verbal report
  • present your written report in a visually attractive way
  • tie up the loose ends and submit your report

'I was extremely happy with all the materials and course content. Susan is a wonderful lecturer: her feedback was always constructive, informative, kind and insightful. She is also very approachable, open and supportive. She is absolutely the best. I learnt more than I ever dreamed I would.'

Theresa de Beer

Course Overview

Start your course at any time – applications open all year round.


Price includes GST/VAT

Other currencies will be converted at time of invoice



The assignments vary in length.



These modules include around 200 pages of course notes.



Work at your own pace – up to a maximum of eight months.


Working with an individual tutor means you can start the course at any time.


Basic writing skills are essential. Computer skills, e-mail and Internet access required. No previous tertiary qualification required.

Susan Williams, Tutor at The Writers College

Tutor for this course

Susan Williams

Susan Williams is the founder and managing director of Prose&Coms, an innovative communications company specialising in corporate publications, training and storytelling for strategic, motivational and therapeutic purposes.

She holds a BA degree with a specialisation in Languages and Philosophy, two BA Honours degrees in Philosophy and Applied Linguistics and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education.

With a strong background in education and vast experience working at multinational corporations, Susan consults and offers services in her areas of expertise. Since starting her business in 2000, she has been contracted to manage numerous group publishing projects with international distribution.  In addition, she has first-hand experience in developing corporate and technical training video scripts and presentations, as well as superb induction and other internal/public training programmes.

Susan tutors the Report Writing and Presentation Course, the Write Better Letters Course, the Write Better Newsletters Course and the Writing Coach Course.

Course Curriculum

Module 1

Communication Theory and Technique

  • Understand the elements of effective and persuasive communication
  • Create a report writing strategy
  • Plan for a varied audience
  • Research and list legislation and policies
  • Writing assignments


Module 2

Plan and Structure: Writing With Purpose

  • Understand the attributes and properties of reports
  • Follow a process to plan, organise and structure a report
  • Analyse and evaluate a workplace report
  • Writing assignments


Module 3

The Writing and Editing Process

  • Apply a seven-step process to collect, collate and complete a business report
  • Use correct grammar and punctuation to avoid common writing errors in writing a report
  • Create a professional, readable and visually attractive report
  • Follow a three-step editing process
  • Writing assignments


Module 4

From Written Report to Verbal Presentation

  • Understand the cornerstones of a presentation
  • Define the various purposes of presentations and plan the correct structure
  • Gather, analyse, organise and deliver technical information meaningfully
  • Use rhetorical devices and elements of persuasion to engage your audience
  • Writing assignments


Module 5

Practical Presentation and Evaluation Techniques

  • Effective presentation skills (wow your audience)
  • Use presentation software effectively
  • Think on your feet and respond to questions effortlessly
  • Use techniques to overcome common speech and presentation problems
  • Apply critical thinking and evaluation techniques to continuously improve your presentations
  • Writing assignments


What Our Students Say

Sanchia LubbeGraduate student
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My experience at The Writers College was very positive. The course was very enjoyable and a useful experience; it helped me identify gaps in my writing. The course was all about tutor-student interaction. A very positive tutor-student relationship was created, which allowed me to experiment and grow. The course absolutely met my objectives. Some of the assignments were perhaps a bit too easy but, all in all, the general experience was a positive one. The administrative interactions were efficient, and the electronic medium was extremely useful. The Writers College has mastered online courses, and I’d recommend them to anyone who would like to improve their writing skills while not being bound to attend lectures.
Sheryl NelleyGraduate student
Read More

The course has inspired me to become a better writer. With awareness comes opportunity; effort makes it possible. The effort I put in was reflected in my results, and I feel my journey is just beginning. I enjoyed my contact with Susan. I believe her personal, anecdotal comments brought the course to life, and I responded positively to this approach. After having done the course, I am more aware of what I don’t know, and I realise the effort I need to put in to achieve my goals. The Writers College is a professional provider of writing courses, and I am fortunate to have benefited from their service. I have recommended it to others and will continue to do so.
Helena CuestaGraduate student
Read More

I enjoyed doing the course a lot; I’m more confident now with my English writing. English is not my first language. I wanted to try something different to improve my writing, vocabulary and even grammar skills, and this course absolutely met my objectives. My tutor was always very clear and respectful with her comments. The course was fun, challenging and I learnt a lot.

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Questions? We've Got Answers

Detailed course notes covering the content of each module will be emailed to you. At the end of each module, you will be required to complete one or two writing exercises. Once the writing assignment has been completed and emailed to your tutor, you will receive an assessment and feedback, and the module will be considered complete.

Absolutely. You have direct communication with your tutor for the duration of the course. The more questions you ask, the more you will get out of the course.

You will get lifetime access to the course, and you’ll benefit from all future updates and improvements to the course.

For the majority of our courses, only your tutor will see your work. Your work will remain completely private unless you get it published. In the journalism courses, your work might be published in the public domain, but you do have the final say as to whether or not it is published.

You will receive a Writers College Certificate upon successful completion of the course, provided you meet the following conditions: 

  • You must have completed all writing assignments.

  • The course must have been completed within eight months of registration.

  • A minimum average of 50% must be achieved.

  • Good writing skills are essential.
  • You will need feedback from peers or management for your written report and verbal presentation.
  • Computer skills as well as email and Internet access are required.
  • No previous tertiary qualification is required.

Because you will work with an individual tutor, you can apply for a course and start as soon as you want to. There are no specific start dates as would be the case with a traditional college.

An application is usually approved within one working day. Once we see proof of payment, your course will start.

You could be starting your course today!

  • Reading time: 5 hours

  • Writing time: Up to 40 hours

  • Research time: Up to 20 hours, depending on the complexity of your report topic

Once your application has been approved, you will receive notice of approval and an invoice via email. As soon as we see proof of payment, you will receive the first module. We will also send you your tutor’s email address and your login details. Your tutor will also be in touch to welcome you.

Any work you create on our courses is owned by you. We will never make a claim to anything you produce. We follow the rule that copyright subsists with the creator (you).

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