Why the Editor is Not the Enemy

how to get on with your editor

They can be mean, unethical and downright unprofessional. But not all editors fit that bill. In fact, most editors would rather give you money that take it, make no changes than rewrite whole pieces two hours before deadline, and accept every piece of crap than start their mornings sending out rejection slips. But step into […]

Can You Make A Living From Travel Writing? We Ask Travel Writer Gabi Logan

Travel writing is a dream job for many aspiring writers. But can you really make a living at it? DONNA DAILEY chats with Gabi Logan, author of The Six-Figure Travel Writing Road Map and creator of the Travel Magazine Database, for some insights on how to make travel writing pay. Q: Did you always want to be a […]

Creating Your Niche As A Travel Writer

How do you follow your passion for travel, and make a living from it at the same time? Sometimes you need a little creative thinking and an interesting perspective to achieve it. Many people think that travel writers just write articles about travelling experiences, providing tips and wonderful photographs that leave us itching to explore […]