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Here are four vital ways to boost your online business using web writing skills.

Do you know the feeling of sitting hunched over your computer, overwhelmed, overloaded, and wondering where to from here? I do. That was until one day it dawned on me: this wasn’t rocket science. Everything I had learned on my Web Writing Course could now be transferred to my online business. It wasn’t easy, but this is how I built a successful online business in this internet-saturated world. 

Building Passion into an Online Business 

’Every successful brand has a powerful purpose behind it. It’s what you wake up every day loving to do for other people, (and the world) through your product or service,’ says Freshsparks Branding Agency.

Web writers know the importance of writing about something they care about, something they are interested in, and that will ignite their passion. 

Sure, a skilled writer can write anything for anyone; however, there must be passion and drive to send a tenable message. This also applies to building successful businesses. 

Follow your passion. Do something you care about and know will improve the world in some way.

What Drives Your Online Audience?

Web writing taught me to research magazines and find out their preferred content, style, and tone. Then, I must put my unique angle on it. This, too, rings true in business.

Find out about your target audience, their wants and needs, then identify what the market hasn’t given them yet. This is where you come in. 

How will they benefit from working with you, and what makes you different in a crowded market? 

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‘Every successful brand has a powerful purpose behind it. It’s what you wake up every day loving to do for other people (and the world) through your product or service.’

Top Online Business Ideas


·      Start a blog

·      SEO consultant

·      Web design or development

·      Virtual assistant

·      Social media consultant

·      Selling art

·      A clothing line

·      A consulting business



Building Resilience in Business and Writing


When writing, there comes the point where we have to back ourselves. Get your ideas down on paper, and submit them knowing that you have done your best.


Business is the same. Do your research, develop your product, then get yourself into the market. 


Many of us are perfectionists who prefer something to be perfect before putting it out into the world – or in front of a fussy editor.


As Brazilian serial entrepreneur Eike Batista famously said, “Don’t think you are unstoppable or fool-proof. Don’t think that the only way your business will work is through perfection. Don’t aim for perfection. Aim for success.’


There will be knockbacks, but it’s how we deal with those that matters. Get up, dust yourself off, and try again.


Selling Ourselves


Finally, and perhaps the most valuable thing I learned was how to market myself and how to write engaging, informative articles. 


Not only can I save thousands of dollars on marketing, but I can be in complete control of precisely what promises are being made to my target audience.


I have learned about SEO, keywords, and becoming ‘Google searchable’. Now my business benefits from this knowledge.


Today as I sit at my computer working on my online business, I feel empowered and energized. No, it has not been easy, and no, there were no shortcuts. However, by incorporating the ideas I learned about web writing, I have a clear plan for my business as I watch it grow and morph into something I am truly proud of.


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About the Author

Natalie Calder, Graduate at the Writers College

Natalie Calder is a primary school teacher who is passionate about child and youth wellbeing. She is currently working on her first publication, a teaching resource called ‘The Classroom Connections Project: Connecting with Ourselves, Each Other, and the World Around Us.’ This provides teachers with explicit lessons on wellbeing which are based around the New Zealand curriculum. When Natalie is not teaching or writing, she loves spending time with her three children, running in the bush or pottering in the garden.

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