Improving Your Web Writing Skills Can Be an Excellent Investment

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Are you a business owner and have a product or service that you offer? Let your keyboard do the selling.

It’s undeniable: we live in a world where almost all of our everyday activities involve the internet. We study, bank, do business, date and even consult the doctor online.

Gone are the days of TV adverts or posters to market your business. At a click of a button, anyone can learn about the product or service you offer.

However, given how many businesses are out there, having an online shop is not enough. You will need to write about your product or service to set yourself apart.

The benefits of web writing for your business:

  • Your writing can educate

As there may not be a brick-and-mortar shop for shoppers to come in and find out more about your product or service, your keyboard can do the selling.

Writing can shed more knowledge on what you sell. Your product descriptions can be brief and yet clear about what you sell, who it is for and how it can benefit them.

  • Your writing can build rapport

Web writing can be conversational, and readers may get a glimpse of who you are as a person and a business owner. There is a popular saying by Michael Margolis, ‘People don’t buy a product, service, or idea; they buy the story that’s attached to it.’

Your story makes it easy for them to relate to you and build rapport.

As readers get to know who you are, they will be buying your product or service and your story as well.

  • Get feedback

Many online businesses and writing platforms allow customers/readers to give feedback on a product or service. It’s an opportunity to know what they think and get ideas on what improvements they would like to see. This is good for any business.

Not only do you get word of mouth online, but you also get valuable suggestions.

  • Your writing can help give customers an experience

Readers may not have the luxury of coming in to taste your muffins or feel that massage chair you’re selling. However, your writing can do the marketing.

Through the thoughts, senses and words used, you can create a clear picture of your product or service. Your writing can create sensory appeal and give them a tangible experience.

So, as you can see, there are benefits to improving your web writing skills. Not only do you communicate with shoppers, but you also get to push sales and get a return on your writing investment.

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About the Author

Fortune Khubile writes on self-development topics and has extensive experience in healthcare, with roles in both the private and public sectors. In her spare time, she reads, goes for walks and does yoga.



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