Tips for a Successful Ghostwriting Career

Tips for a Successful Ghostwriting Career

If you’re a talented writer (and you can keep a secret), ghostwriting could be a profitable and rewarding career path. Keep reading to learn more about this fascinating profession. What is a ghostwriter? A ghostwriter is a professional author who writes anonymously on behalf of someone else, allowing them to take the credit as the […]

How to Stay Relevant as a Freelance Writer 

As a freelance writer, it’s imperative to stay relevant in an ever-changing industry. While some aspects of writing will never change – such as the importance of excellent grammar skills – other aspects are evolving with the times. And if you don’t upskill, you’ll be left behind. Two decades ago, writers didn’t need to consider […]

How Writers on TV Can Inspire Your Journalism Career (Or Not)

Five tongue-in-cheek tips on how to be a successful journalist by following the rules of fictional characters. BY KRISTIE BANKS You want to be a writer, a journalist. You want to be someone with integrity and ethics, someone who asks all the right questions and tries to get the inside scoop. You’re not inspired by […]