Anyone can share their travel stories on the Web. However, it is the quality of your writing, editing and photos that distinguish a professional from the run-of-the-mill tourist.

Here are eight apps to help you become the most efficient digital nomad.

Trip logging

Evernote (Free on iOS and Android)

This note-taking app is great for travelers on the go. You can record memos, add attachments, clip web pages and more.

Polarsteps (Free on iOS and Android)

Polarsteps automatically tracks your route and places you’ve visited by means of a colourful map. It also lets you add stories and calculates statistics of the countries you’ve been to.

Managing information

Cogi (Free on iOS and Android)

The modern note-taking and voice recording app that allows you to record, review and share only the important parts of meetings, calls and lectures. It’s simple: have it running during an interview and as soon as you get that “aha moment” you hit the button. The app will also save several seconds prior so that you don’t miss a word.

Goodnotes (iOS $7.99)

Physically taking pen to paper is something many writers will still feel drawn to do despite all this technology around them. Goodnotes was created with these writers in mind. This app allows you to draw or write on the touchscreen with a finger or stylus as well as organize your documents into separate folders.

Writing and editing

Grammarly (Free on iOS and Android)

The personal editor you can take with you wherever you go. Grammarly checks your grammar, word choice, punctuation and spelling.

IA Writer (Free on Android, iOS $8.99)

Ever get distracted, while writing, by other aspects that your piece may need? Like formatting, consistency, layout. Not on IA Writer.

According to the New York Times, “IA Writer creates a clean, simple and distraction-free writing environment for when you really need to focus on your words.”

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Photo and Photo Editing

Fotor (Free on iOS and Android)

Rated #1 free photography app in more than 70 countries, this photo-editing app is perfect for non-professional photographers because it is user-friendly and provides simple tools such as cropping contrast, saturation, highlights and so much more.

Hydra (iOS $4.99)

By using an innovative capture technology, Hydra is able to improve mundane mobile photography to the point where it’s impossible to tell apart from DSLR shots.

“Hydra is for people who enjoy iPhone photography at a higher and more rewarding level,” says iPhonographer, David Robinson.

Other useful apps:

About the Author

Annemieke Thomaidis is a young South African currently living in the USA as an au pair. She’s an adventurer in her free time but, above all, she loves to write.



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