Six Top Tips for B2C Copywriting

how to stick to writing your story

What is B2C copywriting? In contrast to business-to-business (B2B) copywriting, business-to-consumer (B2C) copywriting is the development of copy material for companies that sell directly to end-users. B2C copywriting includes TV ads, radio ads, Facebook and Instagram campaigns, print ads in consumer magazines, banner ads on websites, among many other types of ads. Here’s how to […]

Content Writing Takes Centre Stage: Top Careers for Writers in the Digital Age

Digital Writing

Since the pandemic, the realisation that certain jobs can be performed remotely has increased the popularity of content creation jobs. And because the work is not location dependent, content writers can seek employment from a worldwide client market.  With digital expansion, quality content has become essential to the success of businesses, organisations and individuals, making […]

Improving Your Web Writing Skills Can Be an Excellent Investment

how to write product descriptions

Are you a business owner and have a product or service that you offer? Let your keyboard do the selling. It’s undeniable: we live in a world where almost all of our everyday activities involve the internet. We study, bank, do business, date and even consult the doctor online. Gone are the days of TV […]