How To Achieve Your Writing Goals

Writing course enrolment takes courage

It’s not talent or word power that make writers successful; it’s staying power. Here are our 7 best tips to thrive as a writer. 1. Dream Big; Act Small Setting unrealistic writing goals is a sure-fire way to make your writing dream unattainable. For example, starting the year with a resolution to write 1000 words […]

How To Write Effective Dialogue

In most stories, people talk to each other. Many readers enjoy the “talking bits” the most, and will happily skip the scenic descriptions. So how do you write realistic, gripping dialogue that moves the story along?   Write believable dialogue Conversation between the characters breaks up the paragraphs that describe action or scenery, and keeps […]

Eleven Ways To Draw In Your Reader

Here are 11 ways to draw in your reader and keep them hooked. Each one of these ways takes time to master, so do expect to do quite a bit of sculpting and playing with words until you get it perfect. 1. Use strong, visual verbs to set the scene. Some writers suggest that your […]